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Below you will find our featured listings of websites, applications, products, and software. These are the editors picks based upon our review and/or suggestions by the users of Freeware If you would like to suggest a featured listing for review you may contact us using this contact form. The suggested website or product must be listed in the Freeware Directory to be eligible for inclusion.

FreeWare Title/Subject: Free Pop Up Blockers
Suggested by: Email - Review Written by Editor
Review: So who isn't tired of pop-ups when browsing the web?  Pop-ups are quickly becoming one of the most aggravating experiences for internet users.  Even some of the most well known and respected websites have turned to using pop-ups to garner the users attention. Free Pop Up Blockers understands these frustrations and offers a free pop-up blocker along with information and product reviews in a language even the novice can understand.  

Editors Note:  Offers free download of a popup blocker with reviews and links to other free solutions.
Free Pop Up Blockers can be found in Internet/Plug-ins and Add Ons

FreeWare Title/Subject: pcTuner
Suggested by: Email - Review Written by Editor
Review: Are you ready to take control of your PC?  Windows™ tends to hide user configurable settings out of reach in the registry or other cryptic files.  pcTuner allows the user to change many hidden registry settings which will increase the appearance and system performance. With it's graphical user interface it allows the user to customize and configure hundreds of parameters in Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP. Items include the Start Menu, Desktop, Accessories, Windows Explorer, and Internet Explorer.

Editors Note:  pcTuner is one freeware application a PC user cannot be without!
pcTuner can be found in Utilities/System Tools


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