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DVD Shrink.
Creates backup copies of DVDs. DVD Shrink users consider it a great software, giving results as good if not better than the equivalent commercial ones.

Mainstream DVDs normally fit into one of the following types:

DVD5s, also known as "single layer DVDs"
DVD9s, also known as "double layer DVDs"
DVD9s are too big to fit on a recordable DVD (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, or DVD+RW). So what DVD Shrink enables you to do is to selectively remove unwanted extras (FBI warnings, trailers, making-ofs,...), audio and/or subtitle tracks, thus progressively lowering the overal files size. If they are still too big to fit on a DVD±R, you also have the option to apply different levels of compression to each part you decided to keep (even when you decided to keep them all).

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