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A sticky notes program that replaces traditional paper notes. The program was built in a way such that it can easily be branded with any other third-party logo, for use as an online promotion tool, or electronic giveaway.

The current publicly downloadable client program has the following features:
Write a note, and it's automatically saved.
Loads on windows startup (and automatically shows all your notes)

Customizable note features:
Color: Six different note colors
Location: Notes can be moved freely around the desktop
Width: Custom note width and three preset sizes
Height: Note height auto-adjusts as you type
Font: Customizable for each note (or use windows system font)

Note management:
Notes can be "always on top" or otherwise
Notes can be "rolled up", hidden, and deleted
Notes can be exported to text, HTML, or "STK" (the program's own file format)

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