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3D game in which 31 countries decide to reverse the information age by removing technology from all but a few vital sectors.

EclipseGL is a free FPS using OpenGL utilizing its own original engine, which by the way is slim, fast, and has great hardware compatibility. It is developed and distributed by a group of freelance developers. The game is going for 12-24 player multiplayer support, and low bandwidth usage, although bots and/or single player support is a very real possibility. EGL takes place in 2007-2009. There are 2 main teams, the United Coalition (UC), a group of the worlds most powerful nations. The UC's main forces are based in the United States. The other is the Confederated Worldwide Forces (CWF), is a group of rebels fighting to keep the UC from dumping their toxic waste and poisoning mankind, they funded and supplied by Germany, and based all over the world.

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