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Anansi is a completely project-centered HTML-editor. Anansi's Project Manager helps you to keep a good oversight of the files belonging to your homepage and remembers which files need to be uploaded with Anansi's Upload Manager.

Anansi has a Table Assistant that supports cellspanning by mousedragging. And like any good editor, Anansi has three levels of search and replace varying from one file or all opened files to all files of your homepage. Remember, there's no need to tell Anansi which files these are, Anansi already knows. For demanding users Anansi is able to do simultaneously testing with multiple browsers. Anansi comes with a Stylesheet Assistant supporting the subset of CSS that is fairly safe to use. Even the most recent browsers are buggy to very buggy when it comes to CSS. However, when you stick to the subset supported by Anansi you have a very good chance that your page will look good on any browser.

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