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Audiobliss Free Audio Conversion Tools
A MP3 to WAV decoder, WAV to MP3 encoder and CD Ripping software. All of these products are built to produce high quality conversions with very easy to use interfaces and low demands on your computers resources.

WAV to MP3 Encoder
Use this high speed, high quality encoder to convert the best tracks from your favorite CDs into MP3 format for listening on your computer, backing up your discs or use on any portable MP3 player.

MP3 to WAV Decoder
You've built up a huge MP3 collection from online sharing and your own CD collection but now what? Use the Audiobliss Decoder to convert those MP3's to the standard CD WAV format for listing on your home stereo, portable CD player or in your car.

MP3-WAV Ripper
Have a great CD collection but want to listen conveniently on your computer or burn mix discs? The first step is converting those large WAV files to the popular MP3 format. The Audiobliss Ripper is the fastest, easiest way to get those tracks off your discs and you on your way!

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